On 3/10/16 11:07 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
> Petr Jelinek <p...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
>> The comment above errhidefromclient says "Only log levels below ERROR 
>> can be hidden from the client." but use of the errhidefromclient(true) 
>> actually does hide the error message from client, client just gets 
>> failed query without any message when used with ERROR level.
> Um.  That seems pretty broken --- I think it's a violation of the wire
> protocol spec.
> I notice though that we allow client_min_messages to be set to FATAL,
> which would be a different way of violating the protocol.  Maybe we
> should reduce the max setting of that to ERROR?

This was the same conclusion I came to for the log_level setting in pgaudit.

I'll submit a proposal to hackers after 9.6 to make this change.


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