Christopher Browne wrote:
From the MySQL site's page about MySQL vs PostgreSQL:

"MySQL Server works better on Windows than PostgreSQL does. MySQL Server runs as a native Windows application (a service on NT/2000/XP), while PostgreSQL is run under the Cygwin emulation."

That seems pretty straightforward.
But it's not /nearly/ that straightforward.

If you look at the downloads that MySQL AB provides, they point you to a link that says "Windows binaries use the Cygwin library."

Which apparently means that this "feature" is not actually a feature. Unlike PostgreSQL, which "is run under the Cygwin emulation," MySQL runs as a native Windows application (with Cygwin emulation). Apparently those are not at all the same thing, even though they are both using Cygwin...
Hmm... wonder if they're meaning that MySQL compiles and executes as a True native windows application (skipping any unix compatibility calls), and it's just some of the support utils that use cygwin, or if they're trying to say that PostgreSQL has to operate entirely in the cygwin environment, whereas they don't?

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