Curt Sampson wrote:
> What I'm hearing here is that all we really need to do to "compete" with
> MySQL on Windows is to make the UI a bit slicker. So what's the problem
> with someone building, for each release, a set of appropriate binaries, and
> someone making a slick install program that will install postgres,
> install parts of cygwin if necessary, and set up postgres as a service?

The non-code related parts of the Win32 port of PostgreSQL that are being looked at:

+ Working on the packaging bits (slick install program) already. Have created a project - pgsqlwin - on GBorg to hold any specific bits we need.

First release of the *extremely alpha* "Proof of Concept" version is at:

+ Concerned about including GPL stuff without having 100% totally investigated the ramifications for people including the Win32 version of PostgreSQL as a built-in part of their applications. Not going to commit anything even slightly GPL related to that GBorg project until it 100% safe to do so without affect our ability to release it as BSD. Have some preliminary information regarding this, but just need to wrap my head around it properly. Not going to look at it closely for another week or so.

+ It would be greatly helpful to have some way for the install program to automatically add the "Log in as a service" Win32 priviledge to the "postgres" user without having to instruct the user to do so. We can create the user automatically through a shell command, but no idea how to add that permission. If someone could do some Win32 API stuff to do it behind the scenes without a shell command even, that would be great.

+ The WinMaster project is a first go at creating a Win32 GUI command console for controlling the PostgreSQL service. It's still a bit too basic for real use though:

Further suggestions, volunteers, etc are totally welcome.


Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

> cjs

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