On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Peter Eisentraut wrote:

> Curtis Faith writes:
> >    a) Running as a service is important as this the way NT/2000
> > administrators manage server tasks. The fact that PostgreSQL's Cygwin
> > emulation doesn't do this is very indicative of inferior Windows
> > support.
> No, it is indicative of the inability to read the documentation.
> PostgreSQL on Cygwin runs as a service if and only if you ask it to.

I would say that not supporting those who have an inability to read
documentation would count as "inferior Windows support." :-)

What I'm hearing here is that all we really need to do to "compete" with
MySQL on Windows is to make the UI a bit slicker. So what's the problem
with someone building, for each release, a set of appropriate binaries, and
someone making a slick install program that will install postgres,
install parts of cygwin if necessary, and set up postgres as a service?

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