On Thursday 30 January 2003 16:01, Vince Vielhaber wrote:
> Dave, Lamar and Katie can cheer now 'cuze this is the last comment
> I'm going to make on this.  All others will be ignored, probably.

> up.  Yet all three of you are advocating that the PostgreSQL stamp
> of approval should be immediately placed on it (ok, Lamar may not
> be as in favor as the Dave and Katie).

For the record, again, I am not at all in favor of a Win32 native port.  I 
have never been in favor of a Win32 native port (see the archives -- it's in 
there).  I am in favor of fair testing for all ports, and less of an 
emotional response to the idea of a Win32 port.  It's going to happen; we 
can't stop it; we might as well see how best to handle it. 

And I am definitely not in favor of putting the Royal Seal of PGDG on the code 
that is out there now.  It _isn't_ proven. And, as Tom just said, it's 7.2, 
and we're not due to make an Officially Stamped Win32 native port until 7.4.  

But it doesn't take AC power cycling to prove it, either.  And so I objected 
to the tone and to the extremity of the proposed testing, relative to the 
testing we do now for the other ports.

But I also see the futility of withholding the Official Stamp of Approval -- 
if Win32 PostgreSQL is out there (and it will be, whether we like it or not), 
then we will get flak over it if it breaks.  Logically we should do 
everything we can to make sure the port is as stable as possible for Win32 -- 
and power cycle testing ain't the right way.  ISTM that Dave, Katie, Jan, et 
all are doing this.  They even seem to know what they are talking about, 
which is better than most Win32 partisans.  There actually _can_ be 
reasonable people who use an unreasonable OS, for whatever reasons they may 

Do I like it?  No.  Can I change it? No.  Can I help test the Win32 port? Yes, 
even though I don't want to do so.  Can I be reasonable and patient with 
those who are doing the work on the Win32 port?  Yes, I can.  Do I need to 
sling the napalm because I don't like it?  Not on the mailing lists (hmm, 
need to get some naptha, some palmitic acid....might be fun to sling some 
napalm in the back yard to rid the place of weeds, and get some relaxation to 
Lamar Owen
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