On Saturday 01 February 2003 01:26, Lamar Owen wrote:
> On Friday 31 January 2003 03:21, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Man, I go away for one day, and look what you guys get into.  :-)
> No duh.  Whew.
> > Lastly, SRA just released _today_ their first Win32 port of PostgreSQL,
> > and it is _threaded_:
> >
> >     http://osb.sra.co.jp/PowerGres/
> Is there an English translation of the site so one who doesn't speak or
> write Japanese can try it out?

Can't see one, but here is a summarized translation of the relevant
parts as I understand them.


Ian Barwick


"Announcement about Powergres"

* Release of [ Beta download ] of PowerGres (31.1.2003)
* [Press release] (27.11.2002)


"PowerGres (PostgreSQL on Windows)"
"The standard open source database 'PostgreSQL' on Windows"

PowerGres is a DBMS which has been developed on the basis
of PostgreSQL and ported to Windows (2000 / XP).

PowerGres' features:
  Port of Postgres to Windows
     The popular Unix/Linux OS Database "postgresql"
     becomes more accessible

  Optimised for the Windows environment
     A thread model enabling effective processing of
     multiple transactions is used. This enables
     maximum performance in a windows environment.

  Web back end DB at low cost
     There is no limit to the number of users who
     can connect concurrently, making (PowerGres)
     suitable as a low cost web app backend DB

  GUI admin tool
     A GUI admin tool is packaged with powergres. This
     enables beginners to perform database management 
     visually / per point and click
  Japanese manual provided
     (translation of original Postgres manuals)

  C, Java Interface spport
      API for C and Java provided

  (pretty pictures, presumably of GUI admin tool)


"Table of PowerGres functions"

(comparision with "other DBs for windows", 
seems a bit pointless, left out)


"Product catalogue"
(more: overview)

  CPU: Pentiium or compat, min 300Mhz
  OS: Windows 2000 (SP2 or later), XP
  Memory: 128MB (rec: 256MB +)
  Drive space: 100MB+

   - 1 CD ROM
   - PowerGres installer
   - PowerGres
   . PowerGres GUI admin tol
   - PostgreSQL 7.3 Japanese documentation
   - also:
      - PowerGres handbook
      - user registration
      - misc

Installation support
   Free support by email and fax for 30 days after registration

   48,000 Yen + tax  (probably 5% sales tax; we're talking roughly
                      total US$ 500 or about the same in Euros)
   Available from March 2003 (scheduled)
   Beta download available from Jan 2003


(Beta dowload)

Thankyou for your interest in PowerGres.
A free beta version of PowerGres is available.
Currently 1.0b s available for download.
It can be evaluated for 30 days. Please
do not hesitate to try before you buy.
We cannot offer any support for this software.
Use at own risk (blah blah). Also , be aware
the Beta version has some restrictions /
lack of features compared to the release version, see

(list of things, mainly command line tools with certain
 options not working properly)


Postal code*

* required. (Note: Japanese postal code are like 111-2222 ).

( There follows a select box clicked by default enabling
SRA to send you emails...  The button is "Send".)

(following that, privacy info boilerplate).


(not a complete translation, only the interesting points 
from this page)


- License: one license per server; client software
  is unrestricted ,though no free support available.
- it is possible to transfer data from a PostgreSQL 
  installation to PowerGres, though some
  restrictions apply;
- restrictions are among others:
   - max simultaneous connections 50 users
     (seems to contradict a previous statement...)
   - User-definable functions only in C, SQL, PL/pgSQL
   - No UNIX domain socket support
   - authentication only trust/reject/md5

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