Jeff Davis wrote:
> > As for build environment, we have two audiences --- those using
> > binaries, and those compiling from source.  Clearly we are going to have
> > more binary users vs. source users on Win32 than on any other platform,
> > so at this stage I think making thing easier for the majority of our
> > Unix developers is the priority, meaning we should use our existing
> > Makefiles and cygwin to compile.  Later, if things warrant it, we can do
> > VC++ project files somehow.
> I'm ignorant when it comes to build environments on windows, but I was under 
> the impression that DJGPP was mostly a complete environment. Are there any 
> plans to support it, or is it even possible?

I don't think we want to throw our Unix folks into culture shock.  Let's
pick one build environment and go from there, either cygwin or something
else.  Once the patches are in, folks can test the various build options.

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