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mlw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Like it or not, if PG releases a very good Win32 port, ALL the unixoids combined will be out numbered by the windoze users.

A lot of us are *not* looking forward to that prospect.

regards, tom lane

No doubt to that, but, depending on how good "the" PG guys are, it is either a blessing or a curse. I think that PG has a REAL chance to be one of "THE" breakthrough open source technologies.

With the exception of OpenOffice, I don't think there is a more important open source project than PG. Simply because SQL databases are a cooperative monopoly. MS, Oracle, and DB2 are like the record companies. They have a cooperative monopoly. Yea, they will seem to compete on price, but none of them really whant to know how low the other will go.

Some may argue that Apache or PHP may take second place, but I submit that Apache and PHP are, by and large, much less expensive and much less generic products as an ACID compliant SQL databases.

That being said, if a good Win32 port is made, AND it becomes common knkowledge, the use count may square.

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