Committed with the discussed adjustment and documentation update.

On 3/18/16 2:26 PM, Christoph Berg wrote:
> Re: Peter Eisentraut 2016-03-16 <>
>>>> * it failed to check for S_IXUSR, so permissions 0700 were okay, in
>>>> contradiction with what the error message indicates.  This is a
>>>> preexisting bug actually.  Do we want to fix it by preventing a
>>>> user-executable file (possibly breaking compability with existing
>>>> executable key files), or do we want to document what the restriction
>>>> really is?
>>> I think we should not check for S_IXUSR.  There is no reason for doing that.
>>> I can imagine that key files are sometimes copied around using USB
>>> drives with FAT file systems or other means of that sort where
>>> permissions can scrambled.  While I hate gratuitous executable bits as
>>> much as the next person, insisting here would just create annoyances in
>>> practice.
>> I'm happy with this patch except this minor point.  Any final comments?
> I'm fine with that change.
> Do you want me to update the patch or do you already have a new
> version, given it's marked as Ready for Committer?
> Christoph

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