Here's where we stand on the last day of the 2016-03 commitfest:

Needs review: 7 (was 28 last week)
Waiting on Author: 4 (was 16 last week)

Ready for Committer: 12

Committed: 92
Moved to next CF: 3
Rejected: 7
Returned with Feedback: 23

So the commitfest is 84% complete with less than twelve hours to go.

If there's anything you can do to get patches into "ready for committer"
status in the next few hours please do so.

I'd like to call out a couple of patches that have been in need of
review for a while:

Partial sort:

Speeding up GIN build with parallel workers

At the expiration of the CF all patches will be closed per the policies
laid out in [1] unless granted an extension by the release team.


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