Chapman Flack <> writes:
> On 03/17/16 17:29, Kevin Grittner wrote:
>> A grep with a quick skim of the results to exclude references to
>> particular people who are mentioned by name and then referred to
>> with a pronoun (which I assume we can leave alone), suggest there
>> are about 70 lines in the 1346667 line C code base that need work.
>> Any word-smiths out there who want to volunteer to sort this out?

> So that must be N affected files for some N <= 70 ...

> what would you think of starting a wiki page with those N filenames
> (so nobody has to repeat your grepping/skimming effort), and volunteers
> can claim a file or five, marking them taken on that page, and wordsmith
> away?

Yeah, Kevin, could you post your results?  I'd have guessed there were
more trouble spots than that.  If that really is the size of the problem,
seems like we could fix all those instances in one patch and be done
with it.  (At least till new ones sneak in :-()

                        regards, tom lane

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