On 03/17/16 19:09, Robert Haas wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 6:34 PM, Chapman Flack <c...@anastigmatix.net> wrote:

> Not to pick on you in particular...
> Debating whether or not somebody is currently upset about this, and
> how upset the are, and what the value is of fixing it is missing the
> point.

Well, looking at my response in particular, you can see that I *began
it* with concrete constructive suggestions about fixing it, so that was
never part of the question. (I work pretty hard at non-obtrusively-gendered
language myself, I'm from a region/era where that was a thing to strive
for so it feels natural to me ... not that I never have something slip out
that someone might object to, but most obviously gendered usages already
sound funny to me, so by and large I avoid them.)

It was only in the later part of my comment that I asked for a link,
and even there I said nothing about "whether or not somebody is currently
upset", and certainly not "Is it ridiculous?" as in Joshua's response to
me. I just wanted a chance to read the comments in question, because
I hadn't been able to google them, and I *wanted the chance to get familiar
with the opinions and arguments of those vocally concerned in their own
words* ... because that's a thing I like to do.

So Joshua included the link, so I'll go read now.... :)


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