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> > For those of us who are outside of the twitterverse sort of on purpose,
> > are there a few representative links you could post? Maybe this is such
> > fresh breaking news Google hasn't spidered it yet, but I didn't find
> > any reference to the primnodes language when I looked, and I really am
> > curious to see just exactly what kind of issue is being made around
> it....
> Similarly here.  The comment implies that the user is male.  It
> shouldn't.  Let's fix it in whatever way is most expedient and move
> on.  If at some point we are overwhelmed with a slough of patches
> making similar changes, we can at that time ask for them to be
> consolidated, just as we would do for typo fixes, grammar fixes, or
> warning fixes.  It is not necessary to insist on that that now because
> we are not faced with any such issue at this time.  If we gain a
> reputation as a community that is not willing to make reasonable
> efforts to use gender-neutral language, it will hurt us far more than
> the comment itself.  Let's not go there.

And if someone had just posted the patch and not prefaced it "we need to
check all of our comments for gender usage" it probably would have slipped
thorough without comment.

But that isn't what happened and since, based upon previous comments, we
expected many other commits of this sort we rightly discussed how to do
it.  The original author indeed figured one patch per file was probably a
good way to do things but I can others would seem to prefer one targeted

Beyond that it's the usual bike shedding when it comes to writing...which
was the original contra-vote.

David J.

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