Hello Jeff,

So I wanted to do something like:

for f in `seq 0 5 100`; do
 pgbench -T 180 -c8 -j8 -b tpcb-like@$f -b select-only@100

But, I'm not allowed to specify a weight of zero.

Indeed. I did not envision such a use case, but it is quite legitimate and interesting! I would hope that the behavior would be a linear combination of the raw performance of each script, but whether it is indeed the case is not that sure.

Would this be a welcome change?

Speaking for myself, I would be fine with such a change, provided:

 - that it does work:-) I'm not sure what happens by the script selection
   process, it should be checked carefully because it was not designed
   with allowing a zero weight, and it may depend on its/their positions.
   It may already work, but it really needs checking.

 - I would suggest that a warning is shown when a weight is zero,
   something like "warning, script #%d weight is zero, will be ignored".

 - the documentation should be updated:-)


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