Indeed. The documentation is manually edited when submitting changes so as
to minimize diffs, but then it does not correspond anymore to any actual
output, so it is easy to do it wrong.

Well, you fixed the "latency stddev" line to the sample output too, but
in my trial run that line was not displayed, only the latency average.
What are the command line args that supposedly produced this output?
Maybe we should add it as a SGML comment, or even display it to the
doc's reader.

Good point.

The test above shows the stats if there was -P , -L & --rate, because under these conditions the necessary data was collected, so they can be computed. Thus the output in the documentation assumes that one of these was used. I nearly always use "-P 1".

Note that the documentation is not really precise, "will look similar to", so there is no commitment.

If you feel like removing the stddev line from the doc because it is not there with usual options, fine with me.


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