Fabien COELHO wrote:
> >- that it does work:-) I'm not sure what happens by the script selection
> >  process, it should be checked carefully because it was not designed
> >  with allowing a zero weight, and it may depend on its/their positions.
> >  It may already work, but it really needs checking.
> Hmmm, it seems ok.

It's not -- if you used -i, it died saying weight is zero.

> >- I would suggest that a warning is shown when a weight is zero,
> >  something like "warning, script #%d weight is zero, will be ignored".
> includes such a warning.

I didn't include this part.


In doing this, I noticed that the latency output is wrong if you use -T
instead of -t; it always says the latency is zero because "duration" is
zero.  I suppose it should be like in the attached instead.  At the same
time, it says "latency average: XYZ" instead of "latency average = XYZ"
as in printSimpleStats, which doesn't look terribly important.  But the
line appears in the SGML docs.

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