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> Robert Haas <robertmh...@gmail.com> writes:
> > Well, the title isn't normally centered, but yeah, that is odd.  Yeah,
> > that is odd.  Come to think of it, I think I might have expected the
> > title to appear *above* "Watch every %s", not below it.  That might
> > decrease the oddness.
> AFAICS, it appears *beside* it with this patch.  It's only below if the
> terminal is narrow enough that it wraps to there.
> > As for letting the committer decide, I don't care about this
> > personally at all, so I'm only looking at it to be nice to the people
> > who do.  Whatever is the consensus is OK with me.  I just don't want
> > to get yelled at later for committing something here, so it would be
> > nice to see a few votes for whatever we're gonna do here.
> I'm still of the opinion that what would make the most sense is to replace
> the "Watch every Ns" text with the user-given title, if there is one.
> I ran that up the flagpole already and didn't get a lot of salutes, but
> it seems to respond to your concern that the user title ought to be first.
> Regardless of that, I concur with your complaints about coding style, in
> particular with the need to repeat the magic constant 50 in several
> places.  Also, I think the patch makes do_watch return the wrong result
> code for the (typical) case where we exit because of query cancel not
> PSQLexecWatch failure.
> So on the whole, I'd do it as attached.
I'd rather not omit sleep but removing "Watch every" is fine (preferred
actually), so:

if (user_title)​
    ​snprintf(title, title_len, "%s\t%s (%ld​s)", user_title,
asctime(localtime(&timer)), sleep)

Title Is Here     Mon Mar 21 15:05:06 2016 (5s)


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