Despite some people's thoughts that a powerfail test is of little use, I
going to spend some time doing one anyway because I think Tom's
arguments for it are valid. I have lashed together the attached test
program (the important bits are the setup, run and check functions) for
review before I actually do anything next week. Comments, suggestions
etc are welcome, though I don't have the time to write anything too
complex, but do want to perform a valid test first time round if

I intend to run the tests on a Dual PIII 1GHz box, with 1Gb of Non-ECC
RAM and a 20Gb (iirc) IDE disk. I will run on Windows 2000 Server with
an NTFS filesystem, and again on Slackware Linux 8 with either ext3 or
reiserfs (which is preferred?).

The number of runs will be dictated by my workload next week, but I'd
like to do at least 20 powerfails on each OS.

Regards, Dave.

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