Try it with FreeBSD's UFS and FreeBSD 5.0's new UFS2 filesystems perhaps -
or I could!


On 1 Feb 2003, Greg Copeland wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 14:36, Dave Page wrote:
> >
> > I intend to run the tests on a Dual PIII 1GHz box, with 1Gb of Non-ECC
> > RAM and a 20Gb (iirc) IDE disk. I will run on Windows 2000 Server with
> > an NTFS filesystem, and again on Slackware Linux 8 with either ext3 or
> > reiserfs (which is preferred?).
> >
> Please go with XFS or ext3.  There are a number of blessed and horror
> stories which still float around about reiserfs (recent and old; even
> though I've never lost data with it -- using it now even).
> Might be worth testing FAT32 on NT as well.  Even if we don't advocate
> it's use, it may not hurt to at least get an understanding of what one
> might reasonably expect from it.  I'm betting there are people just
> waiting to run with FAT32 in the Win32 world.  ;)
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