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> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Win32 port powerfail testing
> Try it with FreeBSD's UFS and FreeBSD 5.0's new UFS2 
> filesystems perhaps - or I could!

OK thanks for the comments everyone. Due to the fact that I really need
to do quite a few tests and this might take a fair while, I'm going to
limit this to ext3 and NTFS5. I'm all for the Win32 port, but if there's
one thing I firmly believe it's that we should stongly recommend Windows
2000+ with NTFS as a minimum OS in all our docs. At a push I might agree
to NT4 :-)

As there have been no objections to my test program, I'll assume
everyone agrees that it should test what is required and therefore
expect not to hear 'but you didn't do...' if I end up in the same
predicament as Hannu's friend!! 

Regards, Dave.

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