On 03/26/2016 08:09 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Tomas Vondra wrote:

There are a few places where I reverted the pgindent formatting, because it
seemed a bit too weird - the first one are the lists of function prototypes
in common.h/mvstat.h, the second one are function calls to
_greedy/_exhaustive methods.

Function prototypes being weird is something that we've learned to
accept.  There's no point in undoing pgindent decisions there, because
the next run will re-apply them anyway.  Best not to fight it.

What you should definitely look into fixing is the formatting of
comments, if the result is too horrible.  You can prevent it from
messing those by adding dashes /*----- at the beginning of the comment.

Yep, formatting of some of the comments got slightly broken, but it wasn't difficult to fix that without the /*------- trick.

I'm not sure about the prototypes though. It was a bit weird because prototypes in the same header file were formatted very differently.


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