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My feedback regarding docs were:
- There's no docs for pg_mv_statistic (should be added to "49. System

- The word "multivariate statistics" or something like that should
  appear in the index.

- There are some explanation how to deal with multivariate statistics
  in "14.1 Using Explain" and "14.2 Statistics used by the Planner"

The second and the third point maybe are something like "polishing
user-level" docs, but I don't think the first one is for "user-level".
Also I think without the first one the patch will be never
committable. If someone add a new system catalog, the doc should be
added to "System Catalogs" section, that's our standard, at least in
my understanding.

I do apologize if it seemed that I don't value your review, and I do agree that those changes need to be done, although I still see them rather as a user-level docs (as opposed to READMEs/comments, which I think are used by developers much more often).

But I still think it wouldn't move the patch any closer to committable state, because what it really needs is review whether the catalog definition makes sense, whether it should be more like pg_statistic, and so on. Only then it makes sense to describe the catalog structure in the SGML docs, I think. That's why I added some basic SGML docs for CREATE/DROP/ALTER STATISTICS, which I expect to be rather stable, and not the catalog and other low-level stuff (which is commented heavily in the code anyway).

Had the patch been a Titanic, fixing the SGML docs a few days before the code freeze would be akin to washing the deck instead of looking for icebergs on April 15, 1912.


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