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> Here is a new version of path, I hope I didn't miss anything. Few notes:
>> 4.
>> or even create a new constant (there can be better name for it):
> Good idea, thanks.

You're welcome.

I'm sorry for the late letter.

Unfortunately, it seems one more round is necessary.
The documentation changes still has to be fixed.

The main description points to a "target section designated by path is
a JSONB array". It is a copy-paste from jsonb_set, but here it has
wrong context.
The main idea in jsonb_set is replacing any object which is pointed
(designated) by "path" no matter where (array or object) it is
But in the phrase for jsonb_insert above you want to point to an upper
object _where_ "section designated by path" is located.

I'd write something like "If target section designated by path is _IN_
a JSONB array, ...". The same thing with "a JSONB object".

Also I'd rewrite "will act like" as "behaves as".

Last time I missed the argument's name "insert_before_after". It is
better to replace it as just "insert_after". Also reflect that name in
the documentation properly.

To be consistent change the constant "JB_PATH_NOOP" as "0x0000"
instead of just "0x0".

Also the variable's name "bool before" is incorrect because it
contradicts with the SQL function's argument "after" (from the
documentation) or "insert_after" (proposed above) or tests (de-facto
behavior). Moreover it seems the logic in the code is correct, so I
have no idea why "before ? JB_PATH_INSERT_BEFORE :
I think either proper comment should be added or lack in the code must be found.
Anyway the variable's name must reflect the SQL argument's name.

Best regards,
Vitaly Burovoy

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