The following review has been posted through the commitfest application:
make installcheck-world:  tested, passed
Implements feature:       tested, passed
Spec compliant:           not tested
Documentation:            tested, passed

I have reviewed this patch.
It applies cleanly at the top of current master (3501f71), compiles silently 
and implements declared feature.

The documentation describes behavior of the function with pointing to a 
difference between inserting into JsonbObject and JsonbArray.

The code is clean and commented. Linked comment is changed too.

Regression tests cover possible use cases and edge cases.

Notes for a committer:
1. pg_proc.h has changed, so the CATALOG_VERSION_NO must also be changed.
2. Code comments and changes in the documentation need proof-reading by a native
English speaker, which the Author and I are not.

The new status of this patch is: Ready for Committer

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