Craig Ringer wrote:
Yeah, you're right. He's not the only one either.

I was reacting to the original post, and TBH didn't think it through. The commit logs suggest there's a decent amount of work that goes in, and I'm sure a lot of it isn't visible when just looking for 'windows', 'win32', 'msvc', etc.

Even the build system affects people who don't use it, if they're adding features. I recently backported a bunch of 9.3 functionality to 9.1, and in the process simply stripped out all the Windows build system changes as "meh, too hard, don't care".

So yeah. I casually handwaved away a lot of work that's not highly visible, but still happens and is important, and was wrong to do so. I've done a bit on Windows myself but didn't fully recognise the burden support for it places on patches to core infrastructure and on committers.

Maybe someone in the community to appoint a chief for Windows?

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