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> The worst thing about developing from my POV isn't something that actually
> affects core developers so much, namely the lack of a nice MSVC equivalent
> of PGXS.

I completely agree there. I wrote some documentation on how to make project
files to build extensions, but it'd be nice to *generate* them instead,
like we do for in-tree builds.

The problem is that we don't install all the Perl build stuff on Windows,
it's only in the build tree. The time consuming part wx  is
/ sll be cleaning that up so it can run outside src/tools/msvc, getting it
to use pg_config, and making it installable. Then of course there's the
issue that it won't be available before 9.7 at the soonest... unless some
brave soul backports it as an installable add-on. Which means extension
authors are still screwed for 5+ years. That's the main reason I haven't
tackled it - so far I've got by pretty well with VS project files +
property sheets, and any PGXS-like capability almost certainly couldn't be
backported so it's nearly useless for about 5 years.

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