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>> One interesting thing to do would be to use -P1 during the test and see
>> how much the performance varies over time.
> I have run with -P option, I ran for 1200 second and set -P as 30 second,
> and what I observed is that when its low its low throughout the run and
> when its high, Its high for complete run.
What is the conclusion of this test?  As far as I see, with the patch
(0001-WIP-Avoid-the-use-of-a-separate-spinlock-to-protect), the performance
degradation is not fixed, but with pin-unpin patch, the performance seems
to be better in most of the runs, however still you see less performance in
some of the runs.  Is that right?   Can you answer some of the questions
asked by Andres upthread[1]?

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