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> Hi,
> On 03/14/2016 02:12 PM, David Steele wrote:
>> Hi Thomas,
> ...
>> I don't think it would be clear to any reviewer which patch to apply
>> even if they were working.  I'm marking this "waiting for author".
> Yeah. Rebasing the patches to current master was simple enough (there was
> just a simple #include conflict), but figuring out which of the patches is
> review-worthy was definitely difficult.
> I do believe David's last patch is the best step forward, so I've rebased
> it, and made some basic aesthetic fixes (adding or rewording comments on a
> few places, etc.)

I'd like to split this into 2 patches
1) Add FK info to relcache
2) use FK info in planner

Would the credit for this be 1) Tomas, 2) Tomas + David ?

I'd be inclined to see a little more explanatory docs on this.

Have we done any tests on planning overhead for cases where multiple FKs

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