> +         The secondary queries are executed in top-to-bottom,
> left-to-right order, so the command
> I took that as meaning what I said above.
Would using the term https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Row-major_order be more

     The secondary queries are executed in row-major order, so the

If so, it will probably aide in translation as well.

> >> It should clear that in all the same
> >> places where gfname or gset_prefix get cleared.
> > I'm only seeing one place where those two vars are deallocated and
> nulled,
> > and that's at the tail end of SendQuery. Were you expecting more than
> just
> > that?
> That may be the only place; I've not looked around.

Yeah, seems that there might have been multiple ones in the past, but all
paths now funnel through the sendquery_cleanup: goto.

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