Corey Huinker <> writes:
> Patch attached. Changes are thus:
> - rebased
> - pset.gexec_flag unconditionally set to false at end of SendQuery
> - wording of documentation describing execution order of results
> - rebasing allowed for undoing the re-wrap of enumerated slash commands.

I whacked this around some and committed it.  The main thing that was
broken is that it didn't work nicely at all if you'd set FETCH_COUNT.
I experimented with different approaches to that, and ultimately decided
that the best answer is to disable use of ExecQueryUsingCursor for the
\gexec master query.  We can still let it be used for the individual
generated queries, though.

I didn't much like the regression test setup, either.  Tests that
have to be at the end of their test files aren't very nice, unless
you give them their very own test file, which checking ON_ERROR_STOP
didn't seem worth.  To me it's far more important that the code
respond to cancel_pressed (which, ahem, it wasn't) and we have no
mechanism for testing that in a pg_regress script.  So I just dropped
that aspect of it and put the test in a more logical place in the file.

                        regards, tom lane

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