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Currently the parser and lexer are fully fixed at compile-time and not amenable 
to the extensions - extensions are only capable of introducing functions etc.

There is, however, an advantage to being able if not add or alter complete 
statements (which would be nice), but to at least augment portions of syntax 
for existing ones in some places.

I saw the following discussion in the past, but I haven’t read it:

Pluggable Parser

I’m interested in the pluggable, extensible parser for two purposes.  One is to 
add compatibility for other databases.

The other is for the ODBC (and possibly JDBC) driver.
The ODBC/JDBC specs require some unique syntax constructs, e.g. {? = call 
funcname(arguments)} to call stored procs/functions.  Currently, the ODBC/JDBC 
drivers are forced to parse and convert SQL statements.  It is ideal for 
PostgreSQL itself to understand the ODBC/JDBC syntax, and eliminate the burdon 
of parsing statements from the JDBC/ODBC drivers.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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