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> I'm interested in possible solutions to this problem, but it's far
> harder than it looks.

Limited extension points where we accept runtime errors and confine the
extension points can be OK; e.g. SOME STATEMENT ... WITH (THINGY,
OTHER_THINGY) where we allow any series of
identifier|keyword|literal|bareword, accumulate it and pass it as a List of
Node to something else to deal with. Bison can cater to that and similar
structures where the boundaries of the generic/extensible region can be
clearly defined and limited.

The other area where there's room for extension without throwing out the
whole thing and rebuilding is handling of new top-level statements. We can
probably dispatch the statement text to a sub-parser provided by an
extension that registers interest in that statement name when we attempt to
parse it and fail. Even then I'm pretty sure it won't be possible to do so
while still allowing multi-statements. I wish we didn't support
multi-statements, but we're fairly stuck with them.

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