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> Hi,
> On 2016-04-13 09:38:39 +0100, Simon Riggs wrote:
> > If we want this in 9.7
> I desperately want logical replication for 9.7. And I'm planning to put
> in a good chunk of work to make that happen in some way.

Good, thanks. I'm happy to collaborate.

> > we'll need lots of people's support, design commentary and assistance
> > with bug fixing.
> I think realistically that requires interested parties to collaborate on
> one repository, otherwise the latencies are going to be too big. Us
> being in different timezones and part of separate companies with
> different schedules it's very hard to arrange having time to intensely
> work together on a project.

What intense work is required? pglogical already works, it just requires
review. If you already have opinions about things that need changing, or
that require additional work, please say what they are on-list in the
normal way.

I'm happy to collaborate, I just don't see why that requires multiple
commit rights to a single repository. It may do, once we know what changes
you're thinking about. If we aren't going to talk about changes in advance,
then multiple commit rights is a recipe for conflict, not a better way at

Petr is more than capable for managing bug fixes and I would like to see
him have his chance to demonstrate his skill and get a shot at being a
committer, just as you did. Having one person manage a feature seems like
the best way.

Logical decoding itself has many additional feature requirements as well,
so there is more than enough work to do for all.

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