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> > IPC::Run is not installed on Active Perl on my environment and
> > Active state seems to be saying that IPC-Run cannot be compiled
> > on Windows. ppm doesn't show IPC-Run. Is there any means to do
> > TAP test other than this way?
> >
> >
> IPC::Run is a mandatory dependency I am afraid. You could just
> download it from cpan and install it manually in your PERL5LIB path.
> That's what I did, and it proves to work just fine.

Hmm. I got an error that dmake is not found for the first time
but I could successfully install it this time. Thank you for
letting me retry.

I confirmed that fix_sync_rep_update_conf_v4.patch doesn't make
nothing to be broken in vcregress recoverycheck. And I will be
able to recheck for revised versions.


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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