Noah Misch wrote:
Considering we have 2756 lines of Python test SQL and just thirteen lines of
sed to mangle them, the current method is scaling nicely.
What pitfalls hides this approach? Convert python2 code to python3 it is really bad practice.
I may not understand that second sentence.  We have multiple buildfarm members
verifying the python2 case and multiple members verifying the python3 case.

I wrote about special python3 features what not testing today. We testing Python3 as subset of Python2.
The PL/Python implementation does not view them as different languages;
But it is really different languages.

If we do not want to have two different code base, then it is necessary to use than this:

The license allows us to copy this code into postgres.
Or use standart Python tool 2to3:

Thanks. --
Yury Zhuravlev
Postgres Professional:
The Russian Postgres Company

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