Yury Zhuravlev <u.zhurav...@postgrespro.ru> writes:
> Noah Misch wrote:
>> I may not understand that second sentence.  We have multiple buildfarm 
>> members
>> verifying the python2 case and multiple members verifying the python3 case.

> I wrote about special python3 features what not testing today. We testing 
> Python3 as subset of Python2. 

It's not our job to test Python features, especially not version-dependent

> If we do not want to have two different code base, then it is necessary to 
> use than this: https://pythonhosted.org/six/
> The license allows us to copy this code into postgres.
> Or use standart Python tool 2to3: 
> https://docs.python.org/2/library/2to3.html

You have not explained why we need to change anything.  The current
approach may be a bit of a kluge, but it works fine for our purposes,
AFAICS.  Also, I would bet that those tools would not know anything
about converting PL language names between 'plpythonu' and 'plpython2u'
and 'plpython3u'; so even if we used one of them, we would still need a
layer pretty similar to what we have.

                        regards, tom lane

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