Alvaro Herrera writes:
> Amit Kapila wrote:
>> It will be helpful if you can find the offending query or plan
>> corresponding to it?
> So I suppose the PID of the process starting the workers should be in
> the stack somewhere.

Ja, it's right on the top, but long gone by now…

> With that one should be able to attach to that process and get another
> stack trace.  I'm curious on whether you would need to have started
> the server with "postgres -T"

This sounds like it should work to capture more context when the
Assertion fails the next time.  I have to purge the catalogs a bit
though to avoid stopping early on boring core dumps.  Most of them are
currently caused by acl.c using text for syscache lookups and triggering
an NAMEDATALEN assertion.

E.g.: select 


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