On 2016-04-30 02:28:22 +0200, Andreas Seltenreich wrote:
> This sounds like it should work to capture more context when the
> Assertion fails the next time.  I have to purge the catalogs a bit
> though to avoid stopping early on boring core dumps.  Most of them are
> currently caused by acl.c using text for syscache lookups and triggering
> an NAMEDATALEN assertion.
> E.g.: select 
> has_language_privilege('smithsmithsmithsmithsmithsmithsmithsmithsmithsmithsmithsmithsmith',
>  smith');

Yuck. We got to fix those.   Does anybody remember how these functions
came to use text instead of name for things that pretty clearly should
have accepted name (i.e. the objects not the priv string)?


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