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> Hi,
> There is a long-running thread on pgsql-hackers on whether 9.6 should
> instead be called 10.0.  Initially, opinions were mixed, but consensus
> seems now to have emerged that 10.0 is a good choice, with the major
> hesitation being that we've already released 9.6beta1, and therefore
> we might not want to change at this point.  That doesn't seem like an
> insuperable barrier to me, but I think it's now time for the
> discussion on this topic to move here, because:
> 1. Some people who have strong opinions may not have followed the
> discussion on pgsql-advocacy, and
> 2. If we're going to rebrand this as 10.0, the work will have to get done
> here.
> The major arguments advanced in favor of 10.0 are:
> - There are a lot of exciting features in this release.
> - Even if you aren't super-excited by the features in this release,
> PostgreSQL 9.6/10.0 is a world away from 10.0, and therefore it makes
> sense to bump the version based on the amount of accumulated change
> between then and now.
> Thoughts?  Is it crazy to go from 9.6beta1 to 10.0beta2?  What would
> actually be involved in making the change?
> From a non-hacker...
> From a DBA/application-developer perspective  while there are many exiting
> features in 9.6 I'd expect more from 10.0, like some of these features:
> - Built in "Drop-in replacement" Multi-master replication
> - Built-in per-database replication with sequences and DDL-changes
>   (future versions of pglogical might solve this)
> - Full (and effective) parallelism "everywhere"
> - Improved executor (like Robert Haas suggested), more use of LLVM or
> similar
> - All of Postgres Pro's GIN-improvements for really fast FTS (with proper,
> index-backed, sorting etc.)
> - Pluggable storage-engines
I'm willing to declare that the likelihood you getting all of these in one
release is zero. And there will always be "one more feature left".

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