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 From a non-hacker...
 From a DBA/application-developer perspective  while there are many exiting
features in 9.6 I'd expect more from 10.0, like some of these features:
- Built in "Drop-in replacement" Multi-master replication
- Built-in per-database replication with sequences and DDL-changes
   (future versions of pglogical might solve this)
- Full (and effective) parallelism "everywhere"
- Improved executor (like Robert Haas suggested), more use of LLVM or
- All of Postgres Pro's GIN-improvements for really fast FTS (with
proper, index-backed, sorting etc.)
- Pluggable storage-engines

I think this is actually nice example why we'll have to go the accumulation route when deciding to bump to 10, 11, etc. We can't possibly get all the major features people want into single release given the yearly release cycle.

That being said, I think that once we released beta1 as 9.6 it's too late for bumping it.

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