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If that were the standard, we'd never have bumped the major version at
all, and would still be on 4.something (or whatever Berkeley was using
when they tossed it over the wall; I'm not too clear on whether there was
ever a 5.x release).

I thought the idea was that Berkeley tossed an source tree over the
wall with no version number and then the first five releases were
Postgres95 0.x, Postgres95 1.0, Postgres95 1.0.1, Postgres95 1.0.2,
Postgres95 1.0.9. Then the idea was that PostgreSQL 6.0 was the sixth
major release counting those as the first five releases.

The last release out of Berkeley was 4.2. Then Postgres95 was "5", and then PostgreSQL started at 6.

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