On 05/16/2016 06:22 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
David Fetter wrote:

As a relatively (to our users) minor course correction, I would like
to propose the following:

- Develop a logical upgrade path as a part of the (Yay! Sexy!) logical
   replication that's already in large part built.

This path would, of course, run either locally or across a network,
and be testable in both cases.

This is one use case that pglogical intends to fulfill.  If you're able
to contribute to that project, I'm sure many would appreciate it.  Right
now the hottest question seems to be: is this something that should be
an extension, or should it be part of core with its own set of DDL etc?
The current patch is geared towards the former, so if the community at
large prefers to have it as the latter and would oppose the former, now
is the time to speak up so that the course can be corrected.


Thank you for bringing this to light. Is there a contributor FAQ for PgLogical so that people can help?



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