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> David Fetter wrote:
>> As a relatively (to our users) minor course correction, I would like
>> to propose the following:
>> - Develop a logical upgrade path as a part of the (Yay! Sexy!) logical
>>   replication that's already in large part built.
>> This path would, of course, run either locally or across a network,
>> and be testable in both cases.
> This is one use case that pglogical intends to fulfill.  If you're able
> to contribute to that project, I'm sure many would appreciate it.  Right
> now the hottest question seems to be: is this something that should be
> an extension, or should it be part of core with its own set of DDL etc?
> The current patch is geared towards the former, so if the community at
> large prefers to have it as the latter and would oppose the former, now
> is the time to speak up so that the course can be corrected.

There was an unconference session on this topic at PGCon and quite a
number of people there stated that they found DDL to be an ease-of-use
feature and wanted to have it.

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