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Things are very unclear to me. Are we in a personal war with Microsoft and I'm not aware?

I don't really much care what's the OS our product is running on. I care much about our product's high availability, speed, scalability etc. In the last month I saw on this list a lot of opinions regarding the differences between various operating systems. I havent saw opinions regarding the functionalities exposed by our direct competitors: other dmbs. Do we want to transform PostgreSQL in the next generation's OS and I am not aware?

I can guarantee you good software can be written on Windows too. I can guarantee you that moving PostgreSQL on Windows is the best move PostgreSQL. I can guarantee you a MMC Snap-In for PostgreSQL and a Visual Studio .NET add-in for PostgreSQL can help PostgreSQL becomming a leader.

But discussions like "Windows is a B category platform" and "Windows will die tommorow" and "Linux is the best" won't lead us on a top position.

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