Dear Friends,

As a minor contributor to pgAdmin, I would like to express ideas as regards 
the Windows port. As a personal point of view, it may or may not reflect the 
community ideas, who knows. Don't flame me too much, I am only a casual user 
of PostrgreSQL...


Microsoft success is not due to a particular software (Word, Excel, Access, Ms 
SQL Server, Internet Explorer, Visual Basic, etc...) but to the combination 
of all these softwares on a proprietary platform (Windows). 

Whatever free software breaks into this combination of proprietary softwares 
will participate, one step after another, in the destruction of Microsoft 
monopoly. Therefore, PostgreSQL and OpenOffice for Windows are probably the 
most valuable efforts to break down Microsoft monopoly.

Windows alone, without Word, Excel, Power Point, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, 
will not convince a single customer. And this will be the end of Microsoft.

On the converse, Linux rise is due, not only to the availability of a large 
number of softwares, but also to the notion a collaborative works inside a 
community. Even without cross-porting software from Unixes to Windows, I 
believe Windows will die of its own death because collaborative development 
in communities is superior. It is only a question of time.

The conditions for PostgreSQL to defeat Microsoft quickly is that we stay 
united and wage war on the two fronts: Windows on the one hand and 
Linux/Unixes on the other hand.

Most of you are Americans and as such, you probably studied the American civil 
war. One of the reasons why the civil war claimed 500.000 dies is that the 
armies fought on different fronts, at different times, without 

As regards PostgreSQL, our efforts should concentrate on both platforms at the 
same time. In other words, this means: porting PostgreSQL to Windows, 
bringing pgAdmin2/3 to Linux and other Free Unixies. And probably delivering 
bundles under Linux, Free Unixes and Windows, offering the best Free 
softwares: PostgreSQL server, pgAdmin client and PhpPgAdmin web interface.

MySQL success is largely due to its availability under Windows in bundles, 
which is a pure Microsoft strategy. PostgreSQL are not and will never be 
playing Microsoft strategy because we are a world community.

To sum up:

1) Microsoft sucess is due to the availibility of bundles under a proprietary 
platform. Replacing Microsoft leading softwares with Free alternatives 
participates in the destruction of Microsoft.

2) Linux and other free Unixes also offer a large number of softwares. Our 
competive advantage is to work in communities. Even without cross-porting, 
Free software is going to replace closed software, this is only a question of 

3) To accelerate the replacement of Windows closed source solutions, 
PostgreSQL community should synchronize the releases of PostgreSQL under 
Windows, Linux and Unixes. Not porting PostgreSQL to Windows is playing 
Microsoft strategy.

4) Also, we should focus on offering users a bundle including: server 
(PostgreSQL), client (pgAdmin), web interface (phpPgAdmin) and probably Php. 
This does not need to be a single installer, but at least it should exist as 
links on the web page.

Just my 2 cents.
Best regards,
Jean-Michel POURE

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