Well said
I was just trying to be funny.  Since we are all programmers here, I'll try and 
re-express my thought in a (somewhat) portable language:

char HackerThought[] = "Maybe there really is something to this windows business.  
Perhaps its time to consider a port".
int iAnnoyanceLevel = 0;


PerformDailyRoutine ()
        char* EmailMessage;     
        while (EmailMessage = GetEmailMessage(HACKER_LIST))
                if (!strcmp(EmailMessage, "Windows is an unstable, crappy OS")) 
                if (!strcmp(EmailMessage, "Windows is better than that pile of trash, 
linux")) iAnnoyanceLevel += 2;
                if (!strcmp(EmailMessage, "Can anybody here tell me how to install the 
IPC-Daemon as a service on my win98 machine?")) iAnnoyanceLevel += 100;

Really, I'm new here, and I have not business telling anybody anything, anyways :)

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> Le Mercredi 12 Février 2003 15:49, Merlin Moncure a écrit :
> > I think there should be a special mailing list set up called
> > pg-sql-win32-advocacy where people can continually harass the postgres
> > dev team and debate the merits of the win32 operating system.
> I realize my views about PostgreSQL are not shared by anyone, otherwize in
> a
> few hours time, I would have received several emails saying "I have the
> same
> feeling, etc...". It seems like everyone is looking for something
> different,
> which ultimately turns out to become ... PostgreSQL.
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