Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> Nikolay Shaplov wrote:
>> Story start from the point that I found out that a.m. can not forbid 
>> changing 
>> some of it's reloptions with ALTER INDEX command.

> Hmm, this sounds like a bug to me.  In BRIN, if you change the
> pages_per_range option for an existing index, the current index
> continues to work because the value used during the last index build is
> stored in the metapage.  Only when you reindex after changing the option
> the new value takes effect.

> I think Bloom should do likewise.

AFAICT, Bloom *does* do that.  The reloptions are only consulted directly
while initializing the metapage.

I think Nikolay's complaint is essentially that there should be a way
for an AM to forbid ALTER INDEX if it's not going to support on-the-fly
changes of a given reloption.  That might be a helpful usability
improvement, but it's only a usability improvement not a bug fix.

                        regards, tom lane

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