Josh berkus <> writes:
> On 05/31/2016 11:10 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> The 9.6 open-items list cites

> Looks like we didn't decide for the release, just the beta.

Indeed.  I think it's premature to have this discussion.  The plan
was to evaluate near the end of beta, when we (hopefully) have a
better feeling for how buggy parallel query is likely to be.

> Also, defaulting to off lets users make more use of the parallel_degree
> table attribute to just enable parallelism on select tables.

Well, that's an interesting point.  The current coding is that
parallel_degree is an upper limit on per-table workers, and
max_parallel_degree also limits it.  So if you want parallel scans only on
a small set of tables, parallel_degree is not an especially convenient way
to get to that.  Whether we measure it in workers or cores doesn't change
this conclusion.

It might be worth reconsidering what per-table knobs we should provide
exactly, but that's orthogonal to the main point under discussion.

                        regards, tom lane

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