On 6/13/16 2:12 PM, Merlin Moncure wrote:
A) make a variant of version() that returns major/minor/bugfix as
separate fields with minor being set to 0 for all released versions
10.0 and beyond.  We could then add a NOTE to the version function and
other places suggesting to use that instead for 9.6.

B) Preserve x.y.z as returned by version() and show server_version for
those usages only, with 'y' being always 0 for 10.0 and beyond.  For
all other purposes (marketing/documentation/etc) that structure would
*not* be preserved, and we would put notes in the documentation
describing why the extra digit is there.

C) Do neither A or B, and let our users discover such issues on their own.

D) Add a version function to 10.0 that returns both parts separately.

My vote is D. Parsing version() output is a wart, but coming out with a split output version of that in 9.6 that still has to support 3 numbers would also be a wart. We've lived with the parsing wart this long, so lets just add an explicit output version to 10.0.

Any ideas on naming for such a function? version_detail()? I suppose while we're at this we might as well provide the compile details as well.
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