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> * This year's major release will be 9.6.0, with minor updates 9.6.1,
> 9.6.2, etc.  It's too late to do otherwise for this release cycle.
> * Next year's major release will be 10.0, with minor updates 10.1,
> 10.2, etc.
> * The year after, 11.0.  Etc cetera.
Yes. Please!

I get tired of explaining to people that PostgreSQL "9.x" isn't a thing,
that yes, 9.3 and 9.4 really _do_ have incompatible data directories and
replication protocols, and that when the docs say "major version" they
don't mean "major version as you might actually expect" but "first two
version number parts".

Lets get rid of this user-baffling wart.

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